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Job seeker climbing ladder to a great career
Job seeker climbing ladder to a great career

An entry level job is the first job that a new trainee or graduate takes upon completion of a training or degree program. Entry level in this sense refers to the entry point into a specific chosen profession.

This type of job may or may not require (or at least prefer) some level of work experience. Most often, this work experience may be gained through internship, which are most commonly offered for 10-12 weeks during the summer break from college, or cooperative education (i.e. coops or co-op), which are often offered concurrent to the semester or quarter of education and are therefore in place of (or in addition to) the student's normal education schedule.

The title for many entry level careers and professions is known as a staff role. Staff Accountant, Staff Engineer and Staff Auditor are all examples of typical job titles at this level. Many jobs simply list the title without any additions like Senior, II, etc. Listings for Programmer, Software Development Engineer, Sales Representative are examples of entry level jobs. However, these titles may or may not be entry level. For example, once the individual is in the job at least a year, the job is no longer entry level, even though the title may not have changed. So the title by itself is not always an indicator of the level of the position.

Some employers will add the two words "Entry Level" to the position title for the purpose of posting externally to indicate to prospective job seekers that hiring is at the entry level.

The generally accepted crossover point from entry level to experienced is when the candidate has gained experience in the chosen field or profession beyond graduation. However, it is usually only after a year of experience that the new job seeker is competing at an experienced level rather than entry level. For example, if a new hire were to be terminated after only 3-6 months of work after graduation, that person would likely still be competing at the entry level for the next role. While one year of experience is arbitrary—and may be inaccurate, depending on the experience gained—it is the standard for most corporate recruiters when reviewing the resume of candidates.

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