How To Make Your Job Search College Central

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Job seeker preparing for job search
Job seeker preparing for job search

Let me ask a really basic question: Why did you go to college? At its core, you know the answer. It wasn’t to learn, it wasn’t to socialize, it wasn’t to party. You went to college to find a job. A great job.

So now is the time to turn your college experience into job search college central. Make it the highest priority of your college experience.

You can do this in several ways. First of all, look around you. If you live in a dorm, is it set up to maximize your job search? Or in an apartment? Or at home? You should have an area set aside, even if it’s just a desk and a laptop or your mobile, where you can both do job search and capture what you are doing so that you can take appropriate follow-up action at a later date. Job search is not just a one-time activity or even an every-once-in-a-while activity. It is an always-on activity, even when you aren’t. You should have access to your job search info at a moment’s notice. When an employer calls, you shouldn’t draw a blank on that employer, or more importantly, on you.

On the “you” part: work to get your job search college central portfolio setup. Core to that is getting your resume built and refined. If you haven’t yet started your resume, go to our Quickstart Resume Generator to put your resume together quickly and simply in our award-winning format. If you have your resume completed, but it’s not looking stellar, you can also use the Quickstart Resume Generator to put it into a format which works well for employers in both resume database searches as well as in print format for the interview.

Then do your research and prep. Having job search college central properly set up means doing your employer research and prepping for the interview. You can research thousands of jobs and employers at as well as prep for the interview with the top interview questions (and answers).

Getting ready for your job search is part physical (getting the setup) and part mental (making job search your primary focus). Net result is that it will pay off for you in the future when college central becomes job central!

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